Why Choose the Spirit Pom Pom Jersey?

School spirit is an important element of any educational institution, as it impacts every person in the building, from the janitor to the principal. It’s the attitude everyone has concerning their school, along with their attitude regarding each other. Positive school spirit helps to encourage everyone to work harder in all areas, thus is it of great importance.

Although this attitude is more noticeable during certain times of the year, such as during homecoming, it actually is present each and every day. How can a school go about increasing this school spirit for all? An easy way to do so is to offer items that sport the school’s mascot or logo.

The New Spirit Pom Pom Jersey is a great item that students and professionals alike will love to wear to show their pride in their school. Not only is this pullover top comfortable, it is extremely popular with all who have tried it.

The top features athletic stripes and a long, comfy, oversized fit. Schools find they can choose the design location or locations, including a full back design that runs from shoulder to shoulder or a design on the front left chest. Speak to the design team to learn about the options available to ensure it meets the needs of those attending your school.

Students who are proud of their school tend to work harder, as they see educators have a positive spirit when it comes to promoting academics. As a result, students work harder toward achieving a goal. This may be higher test scores than others in the area or something else the school would like to achieve. Grades tend to go up when school spirit is used as a way to praise those students who are doing well and working hard toward a goal.

Athletes also benefit from school spirit, and this is what many people think of when they hear this term. Everyone attending a school, along with all who work there, tend to band together when facing a rival, and the NEW Spirit Pom Pom Jersey is great for young and old alike. Anybody can wear this jersey, look great and feel comfortable all day long, and the jersey promotes and encourages the athletes to work hard to win.

What many don’t realize is school spirit extends beyond those who work at or attend the school. The local community also exhibits pride in a school that has spirit, and the jersey may be sold to individuals outside of the educational institution to bring in more money, and this benefits all. The school builds a relationship with the community, so all win.

Consider these benefits and the numerous others associated with school spirit. A NEW Spirit Pom Pom Jersey is a great way to show this spirit, thus every educational institution should look into ordering these tops today, including high school advisors, cheer groups and sororities. Those who do so find it was a wise decision when they see how quickly these shirts sell. Spirit Factory makes the entire process easy, so contact us today to start the process of ordering a jersey that will fly off the shelves.

The Lean Startup Methodology and Your School Store Edit

As the first semester winds down, we hope your School Store, has strong ambitions for the second half of the year. If so, we believe your School Store can benefit by better understanding the Lean Startup Methodology, which basically encourages innovation and constant improvement to your processes, product mix, and operations by getting feedback from your customers early and often. The idea is that this helps you identify quickly what will be received well (generate revenue) and how to “fail fast”, identifying initiatives or products that your customers don’t want.

Here are a few definitions to become familiar with:

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
A development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. The final, complete set of features is only designed and developed after considering feedback from the product’s initial users.

Validated Learning
A process in which one learns by trying out an initial idea and then measuring it to validate the effect. Each test of an idea is a single iteration in a larger process of many iterations whereby something is learned and then applied to succeeding tests.

Pivots imply keeping one foot firmly in place as you shift the other in a new direction. In this way, new ventures process what they have already learned from past success and failure and apply these insights in new areas. The pivot is often driven by specific customer feedback.

Think about it like this: Try to develop a continuous process to deliver value to a specific set of customers.

An action item to take away to begin in the second semester:

Comment below on what or how you are going to pivot in your school store to increase effectiveness, sales and/or customer experience in the second semester.

There is a wealth of information on the Lean Startup Methodology which can hardly be covered in a blog post, so we thought it would serve you best to link you to articles highlighting relevant topics such as this one explaining more about the “Build, Measure, Learn” diagram and direct you to the place where it all began, the Lean Startup.